Why am I Starting a Period Company?

Why am I Starting a Period Company? 

Because of a personal experience that brought about the realization that women's bodies are a) misunderstood b) taboo and in part, not accommodated.

There is a general lack of education. 

And that's what I want to address. While also creating a great product, and future products that link up the period to 21st century tech. 

Lets start with what The Dot is: a box for women on their period with their desired tampons/pads/panty liners, pain meds, snacks, and comforting / experiential treats. Each of these treats, hand curated by our team.

I see this subscription box as a door slightly cracked with a bit of light pouring through. The fully open door will be an entire period experience that's modern, tech-savvy, and understood. 

How did this come to be? 

When I was in college I didn't have health insurance and the school made me sign up for their health plan. Meaning: I could only get a Doctors note from the school nurse, essentially. To my dismay I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, which was not worthy of a Doctors note, despite severe symptoms that kept me in bed for 3 days out of each month. So, when the time came where I couldn't make it to class and I needed a note due to a strict attendance policy, I was simply told that a period is not an excuse. 

What was my thinking at the time? ...WOAH. You mean, my period, which has worse symptoms than the flu I had a few weeks ago is NOT a good enough physical cause to stay in bed? hm. 

This battle continued with the school and was never won, but the idea that sprouted out of this happened when my boyfriend at the time would bring me a box of goodies, similar to a care package, every month on my period. 

After we broke up, I thought "How can I create this experience for all women?"

The Dot box was born

From there, I've launched a career in tech and have further thought about answering the question "How can I link up the period to 21st century tech?" 

But for now, we need to start with a subscription box. And that's where I need you. We are in the running to compete at 5X5 for $5,000 to launch our idea to market. Please consider voting for our idea so that we can take the first step in changing the dialog around menstruation, a part of life, that should be accommodated. 

Please vote, because women everywhere should be able to openly walk to the bathroom with a tampon in hand, while also receiving everything she needs to feel great, successful, and positive during her Dot. 

XO- Anaïs


LINK TO VOTE: http://5x5night.com/ideas/detail/the-dot