My name is Anais Felt, and I’m a product manager on the Arc Publishing team (software as a service business) at The Washington Post where I lead three products.

These include:

'Home' — the central nervous system of the platform which houses global components, global settings, and the users configurable work dashboard, a product that I pitched and am building from the ground-up;

'Clavis' which is an artificial intelligence engine that recommends content and advertisements to readers based on their reading history, the reading history of those like them, and popularity;


'Video Center' which includes both the video creation and editing tool for newsrooms, and the Video Player which renders the video on web and mobile.

…Pre-law student gone wrong, I ended up in product by accident when I was admitted to Goldsmiths, University of London’s human centered design program, but have been building products since childhood. I enjoy leading — people, processes, products, requirements gathering, launches — and that’s why product stuck. I put user experience first in my decision making, and work consistently to launch features and products to market success.

Previous to WAPO, I launched my own company which sold a subscription box for women on their period called ‘The Dot’ and worked at VNN Sports as the lead product manager for the consumer suite.

I’m based in DC, previously London and Grand Rapids, Michigan where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Design and Political Science from Goldsmiths, University of London and Hope College. When I’m not working, you can find me exploring the city, at the gym doing a HIIT workout, reading Brene Brown and Cleo Wade, or cooking up some new dish for friends.

You can reach me at anaisfelt@gmail.com