Hello! A bit about me: I'm a Intra/Entrepreneur, and maximizer of all products, teams, and processes. I love the process of taking concepts from point A and launching them at point B and being the communicator of the goal throughout the process to internal and external stakeholders - using diplomacy and leadership to engage an organization, and team, to deliver. 

I've developed my ability to first set the vision, and then execute on that vision throughout my entire life. Technically started my first product company when I was 6 years old. But legally, I was 10 - named the "Smoothie Boothie," you could find me serving up farm fresh berry smoothies at local farmers market. Since then, I've started 11 companies and launched 30+ physical, software, and IoT products. 

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Sportshub platform of 1,700 Websites & "VARsity" a mobile assistant

I lead the entire consumer suite at VNN. Working in collaboration with a Sr. UX/UI designer, Jr. UI/UX designer, a team of eight software engineers, and VP of Product to plan and launch well-loved (re-write) legacy platform and future products. Bringing the 3-year product roadmap to market. 

Additionally, I was at the center of the organization - the "go to" person all internal stakeholders (Sales, Executives, Support, Operations, Marketing, HR, Finance, and the product team) for the consumer suite products. 


The dot: e-commerce Box for her period is a e-commerce platform for women to personalize their period experience. We're planning the build out of a IoT biotech tampon that collects ultra-personal health data. 


21 nova: Executive producer

21 NOVA is EDM's next star, and I am the exec. producer for the latest single "Chapter I: SUPERNOVA" and upcoming album "Chapter II: Intersection"